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Sookie's Success

It was Hearing Dog Sookie's first ever entry for a Dog Show at Paws on the Moor, Hemel Hempsteadand, despite fierce competition, she won 1st place in the "Dog in Best Condition" class. This qualified her for entry into the "Best in Show" competition where, to everyone's delight, she won "Reserve Best in show" (that means 2nd place for the uninitiated).

Recipient Sylvia modestly says that the credit should all go to Hearing Dogs, for giving her such a beautiful dog, so slim, well - groomed and in perfect health. Well Sylvia, as we all know, the dogs are all like that when they are first placed with their deaf recipient, but it is what what happens after that that counts. Not all of them remain quite so slim and perfectly turned out!

So congratulations to Sylvia and Sookie!
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